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I have always loved animals. I love Dogs with their unconditional love. The greeting you receive when you arrive home. The companionship they give and their eagerness to please. The best friend you could ever wish for. I love Cats, their independent, selfish streak, the way they make such a performance when they decide to grace you with their presence and expect you to stop everything to give them attention when & only when they want it.


Each individual personality trait and quirky characteristic defines our pets and makes them unique to us.

As a photographer that is what I aim to capture. Each photography session is designed around your pet’s individual temperament, in your home, on a favourite walk or at a favourite location. A stress-free environment where natural behaviour can be observed, resulting in a set of bespoke, professional images to treasure for a lifetime.

15 years ago I got my first Boxer Puppy, Molly. She became my best friend and completely stole my heart (and later broke it). It was her face and her personality that ignited my passion for photography and it is her legacy and spirit today that drives me forward with my dreams. She taught me that you had to have the patience of a saint when photographing animals. That you could never predict what they would do, if they didn’t want to have their photo taken they wouldn’t and that as soon as you put your camera down they will behave beautifully.


We now have two new Boxer Babes, Betty and Bailey. Brother and sister, bouncing bundles of joy! Plus there are cats, William, Alfie and Rita and a Bearded Dragon called Frank! Like I said, I love animals.


I studied Art & Human Movement Studies at University and completed my degree in 1990. I see life through a lens, there are photo opportunities everywhere. David Attenborough is my hero and I love the work of Nick Brandt and Doug Hyde.

I can often be found at The Yorkshire Wildlife Park or Trentham Monkey Forest getting my fix of Wild Animals but I am just as happy at home in the Vale of Belvoir walking my dogs.

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